Programs We Offer

Intensive Residential Treatment

The Residence Program receives referrals from other rehabilitation centers, both short- and long-term, outpatient clinics, county agencies, the court system, and other agencies that use treatment as an alternative to incarceration. Women must be 18 years of age or older, in good physical health and mentally able to participate in program activities. A woman must also be able to demonstrate motivation towards her recovery. We understand that people present with coexisting disorders and are assessed for admission appropriateness on an individual basis.

Supportive Living

The Supportive Living Apartment Program provides women the opportunity to live in an apartment, with a roommate, while continuing to receive case management services from TNS. Residents attend community-based outpatient services and volunteer or attend school at least four days a week.

Community Transitional Support Housing Program

Our Community Transitional Support program offers support for women are entering the job market. CTSP offers a rental subsidy and supervision by a case manager. Women in CTSP are able to receive, an income-based rental subsidy based on net income that decreases as salary increases.